Friday, 6 January 2017


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It's no longer news that Janet Jackson,the very famous American pop singer, song writer and producer, recently gave birth to her first child/ bouncing baby boy at the age of 50. The puzzle on the minds of international gossip practitioners is however, whether she used "ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGY"(A.R.T.) or not? A.R.T. can be simply defined as any technology that can be used to achieve a pregnancy; usually via any of a couple of available techniques,ranging from: external fertilisation of a female egg with a sperm cell to technical introduction of sperm cells into the womb of an ovulating woman and what have you.

If you ask me, the question creates room for interesting pondering but just like some of you are wondering, what is the business of anyone else in the first place??? Except you live in the wilderness, women over the age of 50 have achieved and will continue to achieve pregnancies, even in Africa. Whether by A.R.T. or not, anyway is a way and the most important consideration, is the end result- the cry of a baby in the life of an expectant couple. I personally see no reason why any couple should wait for ages without doing the needful, if the resources are available.In 2012, Janet got married to her Qatar born billionaire, Wissam Al Mana and today, baby boy Eissa is a product of that union. Gossip all you want, the lovely couple are currently basking in an ocean of overwhelming joy. Nothing could matter more.

                                                        *Al Mana & Janet sometime during pregnancy.
* - Janet Jackson Gives Birth To Baby Boy at 50 


  1. Lool @ "international gossip practitioners". Let them continue, whilst others enjoy the real deal. Congratulations to Janet. Children are a gift from the Creator.

  2. Janet preserved her fertility by freezing her oocyte while she still had them. Lucky her she found love and has a baby via ART.

    ART is readily available in our beloved country, we even had older women than Janet having babies in Nigeria, some clinics in lagos can even boast of over 50% success rate of assisted conception. Ivf has made life a lot easier and removed the stigma of "baroness" from most homes.

    1. @elle- Oh wow. Frozen oocyte tech. Amazing.

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  4. Going by the comments before me, I am happy for her and I guess she must have listened to her gynecologist.

    Thank God for her.
    Hope the baby escaped Down syndrome