Wednesday, 25 January 2017


You most likely have heard of the very common dietary cliche'- "no food after 7 pm". To be realistic with ourselves, how possible does that really get, especially in a crazy city like Lagos? Well, sometimes you also find yourself engulfed in adult home work and when hunger strikes just before mid night,what do you do? I subscribe to trying the above menu. Tweak it anyway you want as the weeks go by. Change the fish if you like and add some cream to the salads. One thing is sure, if you are the workaholic type and must have a really late bite at least twice a week, with very well prepared fish and salad, your heart stays secure from evil cholesterol that can be potentially deposited over the night,if you eat otherwise.

We will be providing more information on interesting ways to keep your heart healthy as the months go by, so stick with us.


  1. Most Nigerians tend to even skip breakfast and lunch putting all their attention to dinner. You hear the men complain that they dare not say they are not eating there wives food at night and that he has a secrete woman out there(lol). the question here is,is it attainable with the crazy schedule we have in our dear country?

  2. For those that do "no food after 7pm" , I guess they have a structured work and household chore schedule. As for me, I eat when I'm hungry. It's easy to advice people, eat this, don't eat that. But how many advisers have kept the advice themselves? I may not be hungry,but I could just feel like nibbling on something during the late hours. Fruits come in here. But truly, it's not easy in this country, where thought process (about bills,etc) can sap more energy from you than actual work.