Tuesday, 10 January 2017

INDUSTRIAL STRIKE ACTION: Resident Doctors at FMC Owerri Down Their Stethoscopes!

Information reaching us reveal that,Resident Doctors at the Federal Medical Centre in Owerri, Imo state,Nigeria, have made true, their promise of commencing an indefinite Industrial Strike Action. Our source states that the strike started officially at 8:00 am this morning (10th January,2016) and a protest is ongoing at the moment. This action is preceded by a 21-day ultimatum that had been giving by the resident Doctors, demanding that their demands be looked into by the appropriate Authorities.

👀: http://www.authorityngr.com/2016/10/Time-to-rescue-Federal-Medical-Centre-Owerri/

Why the Industrial Strike Action, you may ask? It's a long story.It's messy but we know the origins of the matter started from alleged mismanagement by the Administrative Head of the Institution. Currently, Resident Doctors are reported not to have been paid their "December 2015 & October to December 2016 wages". The President of Association of Resident Doctors (FMC Chapter), Dr Ogoke Nwakanma, is said to have addressed newsmen in Owerri on Monday concerning the above issue. Perhaps some of the residents will inform us better in the comments section of this post;that is if they find time to peep into their phones now. What is even our business? Well, this is a health gossip Blog and anything that affects the health of individuals must be brought to the notice of the public for popular debate and you never know where solutions can emanate from. Stick with us for breaking health news and more....


  1. So sad....the only language the govt understands is STRIKE ACTION...the situation in FMC Owerri needs immediate attention..

  2. The MD and her cohorts in the federal ministry of health feel their ambition (even if it's unjust) is worth more than blood of the people. They'll surely suffer for it

    1. At Mekus some non-medics how complained in confusion and are asking that, how can a medical practitioner in the position of an MD prove so heartless? That is if she does not have a counter story that sounds sweet,as against what her junior colleagues are clamouring for.

  3. Carlo what are other Consultants saying about the issue? especially Professors of the various specialties. Has the hospital, in this case FMC Owerri, which is supposed to be the sanctuary of empathy,become insensitive to the forefront of it's own work team? Kindly give us more insight into the matter.

  4. This is sounding very much like finance related. If my speculations are right, then Medical Doctors must be very selfish- starting from their Senior colleagues who get into positions of power and then refuse to pay wages and behave like they were never juniors. To the striking Doctors, what is the link between humanitarian and going on strike for innocent patients to die?