Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mind Blowing Malaria Facts & Figures you must see -INFOGRAPHIC.

Malaria is one topic that we can't afford not to educate you about, as a gossip blog originating  from the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. With recent knowledge of how disease vectors/carriers can migrate across continents, you certainly agree with me that no knowledge is useless.  I bet you didn't know that mosquitos can travel in aircrafts . Study the infographic below for facts and figures that will make you vow never to tolerate another bite from a female anopheline or any other mosquito at that.



  1. Having this knowledge in our kitty cat, what have we as people done to contain this menace.

  2. Little wonder why Western countries fleet our aircraft on landing... Lol

    Odikwa very risky

  3. Very hilarious @Ogbiaclinic. Fleeting is necessary ooo. Malaria is a super killer for non-immune populations you know.