Tuesday, 7 March 2017


Graphics by:Dr Ogidigben; Painting by:Terrin Art

How about we encourage women all around the world to "BE BOLD FOR CHANGE" on this special day/March 8th as we celebrate "INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2017"! Enough of the delays already. Just imagine-:

 "Professor Dolly Woods had never been this much confused in her entire adult life. She had gracefully risen to the peak of her career as a Professor of Political Science and despite her legendary knowledge of Women's right,culture prohibited her from taking any decision whatsoever in the absence of her equally learned husband Professor Woods. Tatiana their only child had been stooling and throwing up for hours but without Professor Wood's permission, Madam Dolly dare not take her to the hospital and the old man wasn't reachable on his mobile phone.Should she obey age old traditions and watch her only daughter/child die from bacterial food poisoning?"

The above narrative might be fiction but you certainly will still  be surprised, when you hear of true stories that still happen in many parts of the world regardless of how educated some of the affected women are;talk-less of the mess that happens in many rural communities,especially in Africa. In some instances, lives are either being lost or severely threatened and to say there is still a lot of ground to be covered, is an understatement. Thank God for women all around the world currently taking the bull by the horn and men who go all the way to support them. March 8 is "INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2017" and on a day like this,moving forwards,women must be encouraged to 'BE BOLD FOR CHANGE"!!!
Photography & Graphics by: Dr Oghenekevwe Ogidigben



  1. Women deserve all the attention in the world and should be treated as help-meets for their male counterparts.Not toothless slaves. There's no competition as to who the head of the family is but as an adult,especially in life threatening situations like the above mentioned, every woman deserves the autonomy of decision making when her partner cannot be reached to put heads together. That's my two cent opinion on this matter. Thanks for the brilliant write up.

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  3. Little wonder Chidimamada Adeche if my spellings are correct said she wants to be treated like one that has PENIS.

    I shall always give women their due support but the fact remains that women by nature wants to play the second fiddel row but outwardly they will pretends fighting for equity

  4. Please explain further Sir @Ogbia Clinic. Second Fidel how?

  5. On this special day I jion women all over the world to celebrate international women's day today as this signifies the unquantifiable qualities and value of women.
    Being a woman for me signifies strength, bravery, tenderness,care giver,multiplication, absorber, teacher etc. The list goes on and on.
    My advice is; Every true woman should be proud of herself because our creation brought joy to this work cos without us there wouldn't have being any multiplication or companionship, it would have began and ended with Adam. Lol. So thumbs up to all women out there.